Patient Focused Programs

Patient Focused and Local Programs

Amada Health is built on its team of local, experienced, and registered nurses and social workers who lead our case management programs and community programs. Together with Amada Health we empower our members and their families to deal with their physical health, mental wellness, and social needs.

Disease Management

We help patients and family members understand and manage chronic conditions. Like congestive heart failure (CHF) and diabetes.
Our specially trained nurses work with you and your caregivers to:

Educate you about your condition
Help you develop a management plan
We strive to improve the health and wellness of members with these chronic conditions.

Case Management Programs

Amada Health case managers help our members get informed on their health. Our case managers are here to help you whether it is after surgery, during and after an unplanned hospital stay, or other medical issues.

Post Hospital Discharge Programs

After a hospitalization it is more critical than ever to get on track with a great healthcare plan. Our case managers will help you and your family make appointments to see your primary care physician and specialty care physicians right after you are discharged. Amada Health case managers will then work with your physicians to coordinate:
They can then answer any questions you or your family member may have.